The Ignition Project started in 2017, released in 2019. A small business that is dedicated on aiding organizations that bring change around the world. 




Nowadays young millennial's aren't truly aware of what is happening around the world. People may share and like content on social media but never take any action. We made it easy.  

When you buy from us, we give a percentage straight to charity. It's that simple! You feel a sense of gratification when your shopping spree can actually be a good thing.

It's a win-win on both sides!

Giving Back

The Children Shelter of Cebu is the first organization we picked. They are making a huge impact in the Philippines! This doesn't mean we are stopping here. This is just the first of many organizations we have planned on aiding and in addition, we plan on helping environmental organizations as well. When serious disasters are happening all over the world from forest fires to ocean pollution, our goal is to make a change one step or in this case, one organization at a time.

Children Shelter of Cebu

Children's Shelter of Cebu operates four homes for 90-95 abandoned, neglected and abused children in Cebu City, Philippines. CSC is about restoring lives. We've been doing so since 1979 by ministering to each child holistically. We provide food, shelter and medicine, but also schooling, counseling and relationships that foster healing. CSC is a Christian interdenominational ministry.

  • CSC is committed to caring for children with special needs. Approximately 25% of our children have special needs, ranging from blindness to developmental disabilities. 

  • CSC is committed to keeping siblings together. We take in many sibling groups, including sibling groups up to nine!  

  • CSC has served over 900 orphaned children and over 600 CSC children have been adopted in 14 countries since 1979.

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About the Founder

Coming from a "third world country" myself I was lucky enough to  be given another chance  in life. There are still children on the streets with little to no hope and our  goal is to aid  in anyway possible. Every shirt we sell we are giving 15% of the proceeds to The Children Shelter of Cebu dedicated in taking in abandoned  youth and giving them an opportunity to further their education.

- Jerico M. Papiona

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